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Online Crtification

COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus has brought the world to a still. If we look around, the time has stopped down for a while. It has certainly affected lives and particularly businesses and employment. A slight sight of the stock market shows how rapidly the market has fallen with the outbreak of Coronavirus. Obviously, it has forced people to lock themselves and wait for it to go away. Living in quarantine is not only painful for the fact that you are not able to talk to someone else and at the same time, but anxious thoughts about your career will also make you think about it again and again.

Career goals are certainly important, and so are your safety. Blending both aspects together, Hippo Cyber Institute has brought some extremely attractive plans that you won’t afford to lose. In fact, this is an opportunity to use this free time to learn new technologies and develop your skills, by studying online. All Instructor-Led Training (ILT) help you to learn the methods and techniques the way you would have learned while in a classroom but the only difference is that you don’t have to travel to the institute. You can simply turn on your laptop or computer and prepare yourself to boost your career option.

The best part is, there’s a flat 50% off on course fee! No one can miss such an opportunity. The offered courses are:

CompTIA Security+

An extensive course for engineers that teaches security techniques to help the students to analyze, the lapses in the security of networks and systems and offer effective measures to become a shield against online threats. Organizations are looking for such individuals who have the caliber to best solutions. Getting certified in CompTIA Security+ from EC-Council can become a turning point of your life.

All this at AED 2500. This is the cheapest fee in the field and as a reputed organization, Hippo Cyber Institute works with an eye on its quality. Obviously instructors are well-qualified and experienced in the field. Thus providing you the best while you are in your home.

Microsoft Azure

Another Instructor-Led Training that clears your concepts and helps you understand the deepest techniques of using a cloud service. It has recently witnessed a growth in its demand as organizations are demanding for certified professionals who can handle the processes and take up challenges efficiently. The actual fee was AED 4500 but with a discount of 50%, the fee structure has been reduced to AED 2250 only. This has proved to be pure bliss as the most advanced technology could be learned from the best teachers that too online, directly from your home.


One of the most globally recognized certification course in the field of information security. Basically, the course focuses on the professional’s technical and managerial skills. There’s no doubt in the fact that information security has become a priority for all organizations and it has become a good opportunity since you can clear the exam and be a leader in the field of information security.

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