Non- IT Staff Track

non IT staff

Non- IT Staff Track

This training and awareness program exposes non-IT employees to the modus operandi of cyber attacks and the prevailing IT threat landscape.

This training not only helps employees to be more resilient to security threats but also to reduce the burden on the Incident response team considerably.


Training employees on good cyber hygiene prevent them from being breached not only within their organization but as well outside their office environment, thus contributing to a secure work environment.

It is a general belief that Cybersecurity is an IT problem this program shall create Cybersecurity has implications within the organization not only for IT but for every employee and teams. It creates awareness to all employees that they have a role in making sure the organization and data are secure.

Sessions shall include tutoring by our experts, group discussions, interactive discussions, videos of security breaches and prevention strategies.

Administration Staff, Finance, HR, Technical, Non-IT users and System End users.

This is a Training program.

Certificate of participation will be issued.

1-day program.

Lunch and Refreshments will be provided.

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