Network Security

network security

Network Security

This course covers basic networking concepts as applied to real-world networks which includes understanding the specifications of the OSI and TCP/IP network models, network topologies, an introduction to the world of security by providing an understanding about Cybersecurity and Information Security, commonly used terminologies and prevalent threats while implying security in the information age.

The participants will be exposed to hacking practices, differences between offensive hacking and ethical hacking, types of hackers, real-time hackers, hacking groups, risks of offensive hacking, major and most popular hacks till date. We also focus on understanding the basic structure, components and the usage of Windows and Linux operating systems while highlighting to the importance of operating system knowledge.

Participants will learn the components and their operation as applied to a typical network infrastructure which includes networking devices such as hubs, bridges, switches, wireless access points, routers, etc. And security devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and it will cover various aspects of network and security operations such as monitoring, maintenance, support, and centralized implementations.

CRUST            –       Level 1  (30 hrs)Training 30 Hrs    / 10+ Incident
MANTLE         –       Level 2  (90 Hrs)Training 60 Hrs.   / 50+ Incident -30 Hrs
CORE              –       Level 3  (180 Hrs)Training 90 Hrs.  / 150+ Incident – 90 Hrs

IT professionals and non-IT professionals with some knowledge of networks and  IT infrastructure.

This is a Certification program from Tevel and HCI.

The participants will have an option to appear for the University of Wales, UK and upon successful passing of exams, the participants shall be eligible to obtain certification.

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