IOT and Security

iot and security

IOT and Security

In the modern business arena, IoT plays a pivotal role to enhance, impact business operations and efficiency. It doesn’t matter in which segment you are placed in your organization, this program could help how IoT can affect your organization, as well as to capitalize on opportunities.

This program provides an opportunity for the participants to plan, build and design IOT infrastructure for their organization.

It will also provide an introduction to the latest IoT technologies, skill components and constraints. It provides how participants can use the acquired knowledge in transforming organizational customer experience and operations.

This program is available to groups, students and working professionals from IT and non-IT background.

3 full days.

This is a 60hrs program

Analyze Security of IoT Protocols

  • Security basics and Tools setup
  • Conventional and Un-conventional attack techniques
  • IOT Firmware and Reversing/hard coded secrets
  • Radio Hacking -Introduction and protocols
  • BLE Hacking Concepts & Zigbee Hacking + RF – General Hacking
  • Hands-on Labs-Sniff, Replay, MITM and Attack Radio communications

This is a Training cum certification program.

Certificate of participation will be issued by IIIT-B and FISST.

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