Dr. Harish Ramani

M.Sc., Ph.D (Australia)
CEH | CND | CHFI | ECSA | CEI |ISO 9001:2015 IA |ISO 27001:2013 IA |ISO 27001:2013 LI

Harish is an expert in Cybersecurity, Networking, Data communication and Datacenter and has solved complex corporate, financial and cyber crime cases in the IT industry in India, Australia and Europe. His vision is to make UAE a launch platform for highly skilled Cyber security professionals’ and is part of many start-ups’ in India, Indonesia, UK and Australia.

He has trained over 1000+ students and corporate IT professionals, delivered over 100+ workshops and seminars’ worldwide.

His other expertise includes;

  • Underwater wireless communication.
  • Seasoned Incident handler during the worst cases of security breaches.
  • Consolidation and working at various levels of identifying whereabouts of hacking and hackers’ location.
  • Functioning as a Cybersecurity expert for multiple Security establishments’ to resolve cases related to cyber theft, hacking, Social media posting and identifying critical information.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT) and infrastructure review.
  • Digital forensic investigation on Cyber claims.

Harish is a Visiting faculty with International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India (IIIT-B), University of Wales, UK and Consultant for various security establishment in India, Europe and Australia.

Harish holds’ a doctorate degree. Other professional certifications include Ethical Hacker, Cyber Defender, Instructor and Analyst.