EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)

EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)

Description of Course

Through the program of EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES), the students and the professionals around are introduced to cryptography and its fields completely. Any candidate or professional who participates to be a part of this program will be able to learn the Modern Symmetric and its foundation. Their learning will also include the key cryptography which further would include the details of the algorithm which will include the DES, AES and the Feistel Networks. There are also some other topics that need to be covered under the program. One can look for details in the below-mentioned points:

1. Skipjack, Blowfish and also the Twofish, and other algorithms will be given an overview over.
2. One would also learn the hashing algorithms which will be including MD5 and 6, Gost, SHA, RIPMD 256 and others of associated algorithms.
3. Descriptions over RSA, Elliptic Curve, the Elgamal, DSA, will all form a part of the descriptive learning of the Asymmetric cryptography.
4. Some of the concepts of significance like Kerkchoff’s principle, the diffusion, and the confusion, also form a part of this program.

Practical training provided to the participants, whether student or professional, will be provided with the application of practical learning, which will include the following:
1. Setting up a VPN
2. Drive Encryption
3. Steganography and experience over same
4. A hand over the Cryptographic algorithm and its experience which will range from using the classic ciphers including the Caesar cipher or any other types of algorithms that are famous in the present day, like the ones called to be the RSA and AES.

Request for Course Details

  • Types of Encryption Standards and their differences
  • How to select the best standard for your organization
  • How to enhance your pen-testing knowledge in encryption
  • Correct and incorrect deployment of encryption technologies
  • Common mistakes made in implementing encryption technologies
  • Best practices when implementing encryption technologies
Number of Questions:50
Passing Score: 70%
Test Duration: 2 Hours
Test Format: Multiple Choice
Test Delivery:EC-Council Exam Center (ECC EXAM)
Course/Class Duration: 3 days / 20 hours

Module 01: Introduction and History of Cryptography
Module 02: Symmetric Cryptography & Hashes
Module 03: Number Theory and Asymmetric Cryptography
Module 04: Applications of Cryptography
Module 05: Cryptanalysis

Anyone involved in the selection and implementation of VPN’s or digital certificates should attend this course. Without understanding the cryptography at some depth, people are limited to following marketing hype. Understanding the actual cryptography allows you to know which one to select. A person successfully completing this course will be able to select the encryption standard that is most beneficial to their organization and understand how to effectively deploy that technology.

Instructor-led training (ILT)
It is a classroom training with Instructor.