Certified Cyber Warrior

Certified Cyber Warrior

Certified Cyber Warrior

Certified Cyber Warrior (“CCW“) is offered in participation with FISST, India and accredited by International Institute of Infomation Technology, Bangalore, India.

CCW is a comprehensive program to learn effective steps to prevent Cyber Attacks, manage adversaries with actionable techniques which can be applied immediately in a enterprises IT environment.

This program is designed by technical experts in association with industry experts.

  • Working professionals with interest in IT Security and new graduates aspiring to make a career in Cyber Security.
  • Security professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in technical information security.
  • Managers who want to understand information security beyond simple terminology and concepts.
  • Operations personnel who do not have security as their primary job function but need an understanding of security to be effective.
  • IT professionals who need to know how to build a defensible network against attacks.
  • Forensic analyst, Penetration tester and Systems auditor who needs a greater understanding of security principles to be effective in their professional sphere.
  • Anyone new to information security with some background in information systems and networking.

On completion of the program, the participants will be able to;

  • Design and build a network architecture using VLANs, NAC, and 802.1x based on advanced persistent threat indicators of compromise.
  • Run Windows command line tools to analyze the system looking for high-risk areas.
  • Run Linux command line tools (ps, ls, netstat, etc.) and basic scripting to automate the running of programs to perform continuous monitoring of various tools.
  • Create virtual machines and to create a virtual lab to test, evaluate tools/security of systems.
  • Create an effective policy that can be enforced within an organization and design a checklist to validate security and create metrics to tie into training and awareness.
  • Identify visible weaknesses of a system using various tools (mostly free or minimal subscription – without large investment) and, once vulnerabilities are discovered, cover ways to configure the system to be more secure.
  • Build a network visibility map that can be used for hardening of a network – validating the attack surface and covering ways to reduce that surface by hardening and patching.
  • Sniff open protocols like telnet and FTP and determine the content, passwords, and vulnerabilities using WireShark and many more relevant tools.

This is a 96hrs program

  • Module 1: Cyber Security Module.
  • Module 2: IT Act and Cyber Laws.
  • Module 3: Dark web and Deep Web – Stage 1.
  • Module 4: Network Security and Best practices for a Secured network.
  • Module 5: Vulnerabilities in various layers of Information Systems.
  • Module 6: Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance Best Practices. – Stage 1.
  • Module 7: Physical Security & importance to protect IT Assets.
  • Module 8: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins – Stage 1.
  • Module 9: Cyber Security Design and Maintaining Resilience.
  • Module 10: Recommended Best practices for Cyber Security.
  • Module 11: 20 Critical Security Components – Part 1.
  • Module 12: 20 Critical Security Components – Part 2.
  • 2 Day On Campus Boot Camp.

Please Call us to know in detail about module chapters (Approx. 35).

The program progression shall happen with continuous periodic evaluation. This evaluation will be in the form of a quiz, regular assignments in the classroom and home. A minimum of 90% attendance is compulsory to the lectures and full attendance to the boot camp (2 – 3 days) is prerequisites for the successful completion of the program.

All program requirements including examinations set forth from time to time by IIIT-B needs to be satisfied by the participants to obtain certification of completion.

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