Certified Cyber Defender

Certified Cyber Defender

Certified Cyber Defender

This is a an Advanced level program mainly focusing professionals working in IT security. However, other IT professionals may enroll for this program upon doing additional credits. Certified Cyber Defender  (“CCD”) is designed after continuous research by professionals from IT security and academic centers of excellence, focusing on imparting defensive techniques.

CCD exposes participants to 20 advanced topics including Digital Forensics, Incident Handling, OS Hardening, AI-based systems, IOT security and Cloud security.

CCD programs also provide hands-on incident based learning – A ‘Cyber Range’ for practical exercises and assessments.

  • Participants who have completed successfully “CCW” program.
  • Working professionals with interest in IT Security and aspiring to make a career in Cyber Security.
  • Security professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in technical information security.
  • IT professionals who need to know how to build a defensible network against attacks.
  • Forensic analyst, Penetration tester and Systems auditor who needs a greater understanding of security principles to be effective in their professional sphere.

Please reach us for details;

Email – info@hippocyberinstitute.com

Telephone – +971.4.7038038   Fax –  +971.4.7038039

This is a 200hrs program

In addition to CCW modules, CCD program has below additional modules;

  • Module 1 – Cyber Security and terminologies Stage-2.
  • Module 2 – Defensive Network Architecture.
  • Module 3 – Penetration Testing.
  • Module 4 – Network Detection and Packet Analysis.
  • Module 5 – Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).
  • Module 6 – Malware Analysis.
  • Module 7 – Bootcamp 1 & 2 – Hands-on with solving some real-time simulated threats.
  • Module 8 – Latest trends and techniques evolving to support Incident handling & Security.

Please Call us to know in detail about module chapters.

The program progression shall happen with continuous periodic evaluation. This evaluation will be in the form of a quiz, regular assignments in the classroom and home. A minimum of 90% attendance is compulsory to the lectures and full attendance to the each boot camp (2 – 3 days) is prerequisites for the successful completion of the program.

All program requirements including examinations set forth from time to time by IIIT-B needs to be satisfied by the participants to obtain certification of completion.

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