Certified Cyber Kid

Certified Cyber Champ

Certified Cyber Champ

The Internet is a huge part of everyone’s life today including children.

HCI school programs target to impart cybersecurity knowledge and create awareness among school Children at a school campus or in our institute through vocational courses as part of the curriculum.

With the advancement in technologies, the daily usage of devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets has become a normal part of human life. Yes, it is true that our life has become easier but with technological advancements, threats from cyberspace have become common also.

Kids of all ages are easy targets for cyber criminals as they lack cyber awareness and it is all our duty to prepare them to understand and save guard against such threats.

Cyber criminals can also hone in on where kids are the most vulnerable and unassuming online -think chat rooms, online video games, and social media to steal vital information.

HCI has designed a unique program for kids “Certified Cyber Kid” to create awareness and how to be safe online. The program also imparts knowledge about cybersecurity and why they should choose cybersecurity as their profession.

Students 10 years and above.

This is a certification program from HCI.

80 Hours

  • Phase 1-40 Hours
  • Phase 2- 40 Hours

Phase 1 contains;

  • Cybersecurity – The modern arena.
  • Mobile security – The time killer.
  • Smart home security- The millennium beauty.
  • Cyber Attacks – An attraction to sin.

Phase 2 contains;

  • Cyberbullying and stalking – A definite character
  • Online gaming and social network security – A poisonous entertainment.
  • Cyber hygiene – The proactive solution.
  • Cyber Ethics – The goodness in you.

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