Best Microsoft Certified Courses in Dubai, UAE

Microsoft well renowned for its Windows operating systems and Office software has a much broader product portfolio that includes online services and much more. A sizable certification of Microsoft Training program helps you to establish yourself as qualified administrators and technicians to support many systems and application products.

Microsoft Training courses in Dubai helps you in achieving IT certifications through the Microsoft Certification Program which basically shows a person’s competence in a specific IT role and furthermore results in all kind of work-related and personal benefits.

Currently, the Microsoft training courses we provide are divided into seven main categories:

• Cloud Platform and Infrastructure: This category includes business intelligence, Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Azure, machine learning, cloud data platform, big data analytics and much more.

• Mobility: This category is for end-user and desktop topics, including Windows 10, desktop and enterprise applications.

• Data Management and Analytics: This area encompasses machine learning, business intelligence, business applications, and data management and analytics, along with Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

• Productivity: This category brings the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credentials together with those related to Microsoft productivity offerings, such as Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Skype for Business, as well as Office 365 identities, requirements, and services.

• App Builder: This category covers the ins and outs as well as the pros and cons of using Microsoft solutions and platforms for building compatible software.

• Business Applications: This category focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms and technologies, including Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Distribution and Trade, Trade, f

• Core Infrastructure: Core Infrastructure focuses on virtualization, storage, networking, system management, identity management, and modern data centers.

Certifications within the Microsoft Training courses include the following credentials:

* Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
* Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
* Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
* Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD)
* Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Our training courses are very reliable, affordable and something from which you can gain a pool of knowledge. Beyond certification, our major approach is to help you grow in the field you are interested in, so we provide all kinds of courses that are to be required. Our course infrastructure is well designed to help you accommodate yourself.

Microsoft Azure certification will help you in becoming an expert in Azure applications and architecture. Through the Microsoft Azure training in Dubai, you will come to know the main principles of cloud computing and how they have been implemented in Microsoft Azure. Along with that, you will also be guided on how to manage subscriptions, billing, and role-based access control regarding Azure users and groups. How to implement use cases and configuration options for Azure app services and app service environment? How to design an Azure app service web app by using Azure CLI, Powershell, and other tools; and manage security and identity for Azure solutions.

So overall our main motive here becomes to give you the best possible from our side. To avail the best certifications trust on us, we would be happy seeing you trusting on us and succeeding.

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