Best Ethical Hacking Certifications Courses in UAE

Best Ethical Hacking Certifications Courses in UAE

Unlike malicious ethical hacking, ethical hacking is planned, approved and most importantly it is legal. It is an authorized practice of identifying any kind of potential data breaches and threats in a network. A professional who understands the situation and applies his theories in the real-life field is called a Certified Ethical Hacker. They do everything within a legitimate and lawful boundary. The CEH certified professionals work within the discipline of the Ethical hacking system for concerned network security of an organization.

Ethical Hacking training goes in-depth into the techniques used by Black Hat hackers. As these hacking skills are most often used in a bad way so our course of ethical hacking will guide you about how you can use the same skills used to protect the intellectual property of organizations and individuals. By Ethical Hacking courses in UAE, you will be able to develop the ability to measure and mitigate threats for any organization you work for and at the same time where your organization is more vulnerable to be hacked.

Our certification courses first begin with an intro about who are these hackers and what do they actually do, if you do not have the idea about what they do and how are they a threat to any organization, you won’t be able to find the solution for that. So we begin by letting you know in deep about the black hat hackers. We will help you with discussing and learning about different footprints, what are the tools for footprinting and the countermeasures. Our courses help in setting a border for both scope and limitations surrounded around ethical hacking.

This Ethical Hacking Certification Course in UAE will help you by to gain knowledge about the advanced step-by-step methodologies that hackers often use like writing virus codes or reverse engineering so that you can well accommodate yourself in protecting the corporate infrastructure from any kind of data breaches. By this course, you will be able to master yourself in advanced network packet analysis, securing web servers, malware threats, and advanced system penetration testing techniques.

The key features of this certification course are:

• More than 40 hours of blended learning
• An accredited training partner of EC-Council
• Study material by the EC-Council
• Current Security Domains
• Covers almost 340 attack technologies
• 24*7 learning assistance and support

Skills that you will learn:

1. A better understanding of IDS, firewalls, honeypots, and wireless hacking
2. Master advanced hacking concepts
3. Expansion of your knowledge related to network, web a.nd mobile app security and many more.

This course is best suited for:

1. Network security officers and practitioner
2. Site administrators
3. IT operations manager
4. IT security officer, auditor or engineer
5. Senior System engineer
6. System analyst
7. Network specialist

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