Application Security

application security

Application Security Analyst

  • What is application security, cyber warfare, risks in an application and importance of application security.
  • Application security definitions.
  • Concepts of hacking.
  • Architecture, Basic Protocols, Explanation of real-time using web components (Web browser, URL, etc.), real-time examples.
  • The detailed explanation of Application standards -OW-ASP, SANS with 5 hacking.
  • Difference between offensive Hacking and ethical hacking.
  • Types of hackers, real-time hackers and hacking groups.
  • Risks of offensive major and interesting web application attacks with 5 incidents.
  • How to defend ourselves with application attacks, Risks to avoid and awareness and types of vulnerabilities.
  • The world of Security, Terms, Technology of Security, Intro to information security and Intro to Cyberworld.
  • Defense strategies.
CRUST            –       Level 1  (30 hrs)Training 30 Hrs    / 10+ Incident
MANTLE         –       Level 2  (90 Hrs)Training 60 Hrs.   / 50+ Incident -30 Hrs
CORE              –       Level 3  (180 Hrs)Training 90 Hrs.  / 150+ Incident – 90 Hrs

IT professionals such as programmer, developer, software architect and project manager.

  • level 1 – 6 modules (approx. 17 chapters)
  • level 2 – 6 modules  (approx. 25 chapters).
  • level 3 – 10 modules (approx. 45 chapters) + Project work.

Please Call us to know in detail about module chapters.

The Institute reserves the right to amend modules/chapters from time to time and based on requirements from academic partners.

This is a Certification program from Tevel and HCI.

The participants will have an option to appear for the University of Wales, UK and upon successful passing of exams, the participants shall be eligible to obtain certification.

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