About Us

Academy for Cyber Security & Defensive Techniques.

Identity thefts and hacking of IT assets is a commonly occurring event every second across the globe. As per latest industry estimate, more than 60 such incidents are happening.

The projected threat landscape from established forecasting agencies like Gartner, Forrester, etc. predict the demand of 4.5 million trained security professionals across Globe. Currently such workforce available to tackle threats is very limited. There is a demand across the Student community as well as working professionals to migrate into Cyber Security specialization.

HCI aim is to create the professional workforce needed to tackle Cyber threats.

HIPPO CYBER INSTITUTE (“HCI”) –The Centre of excellence for “Cyber Security Training and Education ” is established to achieve the following objectives;

  • Impart training and education related to cybersecurity and cyberforensics to students and professionals.
  • Create awareness across all enterprises (with people & process as a priority) and have a robust deterrent in place by way of trained professionals and latest methodologies.
  • Providing training to both IT and Non-IT professionals from all enterprises and making them equipped to manage cyber threats and minimize the damage.
  • Co-ordinate interdisciplinary academic programmes related to cybersecurity.
  • Expand the core group of professionals trained in cybersecurity and make them ready for all kind of threat events.
  • Serve as a development center for cybersecurity academic programs, research, and training.

Today, enterprises of all sizes are at equal risk from Cyber Criminals. These threats are coming across geographic boundaries and the criminals are getting innovative and are using cutting edge tools to target Individuals, Enterprises and Organizations.

We believe an internal workforce is best suited to tackle & defend the threats.