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HCI is aiming to create the workforce needed to tackle Cyberthreats.
Cyber Security

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Incident Based
Cyber Security
Training & Learning.

HCI aims to reduce current resources gap - Impart quality training
to create powerful cyber security workforce

Cyber Training

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Impart training and education related to cybersecurity and cyber forensics
to students, young graduates and working professionals.
Real World Incidents
and Hands-on Training

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About Us

Academy For Cyber Security & Defensive Techniques Education

Identity thefts and hacking of IT assets is a commonly occurring event and
every second across Globe more than 60 such incidents are happening.
HCI is aiming to create the workforce needed to tackle the threats.

about us

Popular Courses

Senior Management Track

This program aims to demystify Cybersecurity as a topic to the Senior Management professionals and highlight the importance of taking security seriously, irrespective of size or business line of enterprises. It is aimed at highlighting the need for IT security with a 360-degree view of the threat perspectives. In most countries, the regulation stipulates that it is the CxO who is also responsible for protecting

IOT and Security

In the modern business arena, IoT plays a pivotal role to enhance, impact business operations and efficiency. It doesn’t matter in which segment you are placed in your organization, this program could help how IoT can affect your organization, as well as to capitalize on opportunities. This program provides an opportunity for the participants to plan, build and design

Network Security

This course covers basic networking concepts as applied to real-world networks which include understanding the specifications of the OSI and TCP/IP network models, network topologies, an introduction to the world of security by providing an understanding about Cybersecurity and Information Security, commonly used terminologies and prevalent threats

Certified Cyber Kid

HCT school programs target to impart cybersecurity knowledge and create awareness among school Children at a school campus or in our institute through vocational courses as part of the curriculum. With the advancement in technologies, the daily usage of devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets has become a normal part of human life Yes, it is true that our life


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